Outdoor lights and exterior lighting services

Design, supply, install and servicing of all your exterior lights.

Exterior lighting and outdoor lighting services

This is what we do! We are the experts in exterior lighting installation and outdoor lights servicing.

  • Lighting Design
  • LED Fittings & LED Strip Lighting
  • Outside Lights
  • Garden Lights
  • Landscape Lights
  • Lighting Controllers
  • Remote Switching
  • Service existing exterior lighting fittings and systems

7 core elements comprise our stable, durable exterior lights

  • Flexible exterior lighting layout
  • Our own proven light designs
  • Superior German lamp-holders
  • Manufactured by our sister company here in NZ
  • 30+ years proven performance
  • Experienced expert installers of exterior lights
  • Comprehensive Warranty

Information, advice, quotes

Good, friendly, helpful exterior lighting advice. Free quotations!


Even the best garden lights are at the mercy of the quality of design and installation. The Garden Lighting Company guarantees all its outside lights and exterior lighting installations.

Maintenance plan

Our thorough ‘Smart Service’ maintenance plan keeps your outside lights on all year. Our plan includes checks on cable, lights & transformers. We replace lamps & adjust fittings.

Service and repair

We service all exterior lighting systems, including those installed by other companies.

Have an alternative system that isn’t working? We’ll assess it for you, restore what we can and replace what we can’t. Easy!

Don’t try this on your own when there is professional help available to assist you with exterior lighting installation and outside lights servicing.

Ready for second-to-none service on exterior lights? Get in touch today.